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A Brief Of Nabindo

At Nabindo (PT Nusantara Agro Bersinar), we are passionate about tea. Our journey in the world of tea export began with a simple vision: to share the finest and most flavorful teas from Indonesia to the globe. Today, we are proud to be a leading name in the tea export industry, delivering excellence in every cup. 

Our Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality is the cornerstone of our success. We partner with the most dedicated tea growers and estates in tea-producing regions, ensuring the highest standards of cultivation and processing. This dedication to quality is reflected in every aspect of our business, from our selection of tea leaves to the final delivery of your order.We offer competitive pricing, flexible order quantities, and a commitment to prompt and secure delivery. 

Our Core Values


We Are Commited to Build strong relationships and partnerships among our suppliers, distributors, and government agencies.. 


A commitment to providing high-quality tea is at the core of our mission and values. At Nabindo, we take pride in every aspect of our tea-making process, from sourcing the finest tea leaves to the final sip in your cup. 


Sustainability is an increasingly important consideration in the tea export industry, as it encompasses ecological, social, and economic aspects 

Tea Varieties

Black Tea

We Produce Orthodox Black tea with Grade I and II from the Camelia sinensis. Our plantation is located in Central Java and certified Rainforest Alliance and HACCP as a sign of having implemented standardized agricultural management of the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) and having passed trials from Eurofins-Germany

Broken Pekoe Souchon

Broken Pekoe Souchon offered by us here is a special grade of BPS tea, manufactured using tender leaf & buds. This finest grade consists of neat smaller broken leaf particles without fiber or anyother particles.

Pekoe Souchon

Pekoe Souchon tea is a fine grade of tea, which is made of young tender tea leaves and buds. Has a light golden reddish color liquor and a delicate taste. This tea grade is one of the most popular grades we offer.

Broken Orange Pekoe Fanning

Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings Tea is a fairly cleaner looking smaller broken leaf grade with a neat appearance. Brews into a bright reddish strong liquor, which is ideal even for the casual tea drinker for their day to day use.

Black Tea (Dust)

Smallest particles produced during the production of black tea are Dust tea. These grades are mostly used commercially in tea bags for day to day use as they brew quickly compared to other grades.

Our Tea Garden

Our tea Garden are located in Wonosobo Regency with an altitude of 1,350 above sea level which is located on the western slopes of Mount Sindoro, built in 1865. From the center of Wonosobo city, 16 km to the North. The true character of Nabindo teas is greatly influenced by the conditions at the tea gardens; namely high altitude, low temperatures, abundant rainfall and acidic soil. With amazing landscapes and stunning panoramic views, the tea gardens are truly picturesque. 

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